What Our Clients Say About Tangible IP


Testimonials Related to Patent Brokerage

“Louis Carbonneau of Tangible IP is among the best IP brokers we work with nationally. The service his firm provides and the executive summaries and charts they produce are first-rate.”

– Greg Wright

General Counsel of Quality Night Lights, Inc.

“Our desire is to see the IP utilized to facilitate as many image-driven online transactions as possible. This announcement further validates the value of the IP to the market and expands the licensing of the IP into the mobile banking sector. The team at Tangible represent the best-of-the-best of IP brokers and their market expertise has been extremely valuable to us in pursuing our desire to get the IP into the hands of those that can best leverage it in today’s market.”

– Sarah Pate

CEO of Summit 6, LLC

“As a large boutique IP firm, we regularly come across patents that our clients are not sure they want to maintain or that otherwise have some untapped potential and be monetized externally through a sale. While we are not equipped internally to provide these services, we have found a reputable and reliable partner in Tangible IP and its CEO Louis Carbonneau who has assisted our clients in extracting value for their assets while we can focus on our core competencies, i.e. drafting and prosecuting great patents. Conversely, we have retained Tangible IP in order to help discretely acquire third party patents for one of our large clients. We recommend any law firm who has a need for these services to work with Tangible IP as we have it the past and plan to do in the future.”

– Stephan Georgiev

Partner, Smart & Biggar

“We have known for years that we had developed great technology and a strong patent portfolio. Unfortunately, we did not have the kind of resources that the semiconductor industry requires to launch new products. We searched for a reputable brokerage firm that could best represent our assets to the marketplace and found it with Tangible IP. They took great interest in our portfolio and assigned considerable resources to analyze it and properly market it to potential buyers. They approached this transaction as a dedicated business partner would do and remained involved until the deal was fully consummated. I couldn’t be happier with their representation and would recommend them to anyone looking to monetize their IP.”

– Tim Brown

CEO, Cyber Instruments

“We work with many patent brokerage firms and I am always impressed with the quality of the materials Tangible IP prepares in connection with each portfolio they offer for sale. We also did a deal with them and they were extremely professional and true advocates for their clients.”

– Linda K. Biel

Senior Vice President, Business Development of Allied Security Trust I

“We thought we had sold this patent a little while ago thanks to the efforts and outreach of Tangible IP. When the initial buyer reneged on a transaction they had already approved internally without offering any reasons, Louis and his team went straight back to task and continued to present our patent to buyers until they found the right deal for me. I don’t know of many people who would have continued to work that hard to complete a sale after they had already done all the work once and the initial deal did not go through due to no fault of theirs. They also represented me very professionally during the second transaction and made sure I was comfortable with all the business terms. Frankly, I consider they went above and beyond what I would have expected from a patent broker. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”

– David Stackpole

Inventor and Owner

“We had tried to sell this portfolio before with another group, to no avail. We were then referred to Tangible IP who completely redid the analysis and prepared detailed charts that showed that the industry had adopted our innovations. The also helped us with guidance and advice to improve some of our pending patents in order to broaden their appeal and scope. We now have a more complete portfolio that better reflects the breadth of our innovations. Tangible IP was also instrumental in negotiating a deal structure that now allows us to continue to benefit over time from our earlier contributions. We are very happy with the hard and high-quality work they have done for us and for the relentlessness in their efforts to see a transaction through until closing. We could not have made a better choice.”

– Ken Kramer

Principal and Sole Inventor, Kenneth J. Kramer, LLC

“As we secured valuable patent assets early on when developing our location service technology, we saw an opportunity recently to recoup our earlier investment in R&D and reinvest the proceeds to support our next market forays. We did our research and selected Tangible IP because it had the most impressive track record in the industry, having sold over 2000 patents. They were also known for their high integrity, a deep rolodex of buyers and their relentless advocacy on behalf of their clients. The team at Tangible IP did a stellar job analyzing and preparing our patents for a sale. Their technical team is second to none. They were also extremely thorough and showed outstanding negotiating skills when navigating multiple offers, undergoing due diligence and securing a license grant back to our operating company. We couldn’t be more satisfied with both the outcome and the quality of their representation and would recommend them without any hesitation.”

– C. Lionel Houry

CEO of Mexens

“We are very pleased with the result of this sale. We realize that it was accomplished in adverse market conditions and we commend Tangible IP for all the hard work they had to put in this project from start to finish to analyze the portfolio, help optimize some of the pending claims that were subsequently allowed, prepare extensive evidence of use and broker a deal that will allow an industry leader to take advantage of our novel intellectual property in their own offerings. These transactions are complex and we could not have closed this without the relentless work Tangible IP’s team to keep the ball moving and dot all the Is and cross all the Ts until the deal was fully consummated. They were extremely thorough and kept the deal alive until we could cross the goal line. I would definitely recommend Tangible IP to anyone who needs to monetize their patents.”

– Robert Keith

Principal and Sole Inventor of MaxSP

“When we retained Tangible IP to help monetize this portfolio, we were hoping for one transaction to declare victory. We never dreamed that Tangible IP would be able to monetize this portfolio twice, first by signing a significant licensee and then by selling the portfolio outright. This is a great result that exceeded our expectations. Tangible IP was creative in their approach and were able to successfully navigate what we understand is a pretty tough IP marketplace in order to bring revenues back to us in two different ways. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their expertise, dedication, and results. I wouldn’t go with any other brokerage firm if I have other patents to sell in the future.”

– John Hart

Founder and CEO of Fleetrakker LLC

“Like many individuals who invent by necessity, or frustration like in this case, I don’t mind seeing the industry take on my ideas and make everyone else benefit from it, as long as there is a way to reward the inventor for his or her contribution. I am very happy that we contacted Tangible IP and that they provided a simple conduit to monetize this patent rather than being forced to contact companies that practice our patents and have to enforce those ourselves, which we had no interest in doing. After they reviewed our assets, Tangible IP undertook to present the portfolio in a way that showed its value to the industry and guided us throughout the negotiating and closing process, which is never simple. The materials they prepared were really solid and they spared no efforts and expense making sure they would hold under scrutiny. We also appreciate the way we were kept abreast at every step leading to closing the sale (and even after) and how Tangible IP managed our expectations throughout. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants to divest its patents.”

– Elizabeth Dyor


“When we first contacted Tangible IP, we owned these patents that had been quite foundational 10+ years ago, which we had broadly licensed to the industry at that time. Recently, another firm had tried to monetize them with very limited success. Now they were mostly collecting dust and costing us money to maintain. Fortunately, Louis Carbonneau and his team were able to build a compelling story as to the remaining licensing potential of the portfolio, which generated significant interest and a great exit for us. We can now have closure and move on to new projects knowing that we optimized the return on our initial investment. All along, Tangible IP was a great partner, navigating the negotiation process like real pros and they were instrumental in keeping the deal alive when it looked like it might no longer happen. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants to divest its patents.”

– Charlie Osenbaugh


“This is a classic case where we are able to give a second life to a technology we developed years ago and which underlying concepts embodied by our patents were still of value to other industry players. We had tried to sell these patents ourselves last year unsuccessfully before we were referred to Tangible IP by our prosecuting law firm.  After they reviewed our assets, Tangible IP undertook to present the portfolio in a way that showed its value to the industry and guided us throughout the negotiating and closing process, which is never simple. The materials they prepared were first class. We also appreciate the way we were kept abreast at every step leading to closing the sale and how Tangible IP managed our expectations throughout. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants to divest its patents.”

– Keith Pieper

CEO, Working Research

“After doing our research on several patent brokerage firms, we were impressed with tangible IP’s approach and track record. They have the reputation of selling patents where many others have failed and being true advocates for their clients who will not let relent regardless of how long it might take or how difficult it might be to bring a transaction to fruition. Our experience in this transaction was no different and we were really impressed in how they were able to present our portfolio in the best possible light and negotiate much better terms for us than originally offered. I would definitely recommend Tangible IP to anyone who needs to monetize their patents.”

– Paul Pottgen

CEO, Tall Oak Ventures, LLC

“Although this took years to unfold, it is extremely rewarding to see the industry finally catch up with inventions we made a while back and we are gratified that Zonar Systems has come forward to secure a license to our portfolio to take advantage of the improvements that we made to the conventional approach for inspecting vehicles.  We trust the rest of the industry will follow on their steps or that the right acquirer for our patents will be able to make this technology available to the community at large. As our brokers, Tangible IP did a very impressive job preparing our patents for a sale and marketing to the IP business community and to relevant industry players, as well as with helping us negotiate this license in place when Zonar reached out to us. We now hope that our patents will find a good home as we are focusing on other innovations.”

– John Hart

Founder and CEO of Fleetrakker LLC

“Tangible IP was an effective advocate for their client.  Together, we achieved a rapid, successful transaction that served both the seller’s interests and our own, with an exceptional level of skill and professionalism demonstrated throughout the process by the Tangible IP team.”

– Dan McCurdy

CEO, Allied Security Trust (AST)

“We knew we had developed a great technology many years ago and, as in most cases, it took quite a while for the industry to catch up. Fortunately, we worked with Tangible IP from day one and they stayed with us through thick and thin and never wavered until we finally received compensation for this strategic patent portfolio. Their expertise, patience and dedication to see this deal through regardless of what needed to be done was instrumental in getting us past the goal line and we couldn’t be happier that we selected Louis Carbonneau and his team to broker those assets. Their knowledge of the industry and players allowed them to navigate through the whole process and their deep relationship was key to expediting the closing at the end when other transactions with our buyer were stalling.”

– John Talbot

President, VVS

“We are delighted that Tangible IP was also able to negotiate for us to retain a full license to our patents thereby allowing us to monetize our assets while continuing to grow our VOD offering under full patent protection. They fully deserve their reputation as being the gold standard for patent brokerage.”

– Claudio Castravelli

Co-Inventor and VP, VVS

“Throughout this process, Louis Carbonneau and his team at Tangible IP prepared extremely solid and detailed materials to support a high valuation and did a masterful job in negotiating a complex international transaction with the acquirer all the way to closing and showed flexibility and creativity to see this transaction through. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their level of service, advocacy and expertise.”

– Bubby Valentino

President, Plastics Inventions & Patents, Inc., d/b/a Beyond Edison

“As a small company with just a few LED patents in our portfolio, this is the first time we ever tried selling patents and the whole process was new to us. Louis Carbonneau and the whole team at Tangible IP drove this project from start to finish in a very impressive manner. They invested significant resources and retained the best technical experts to prepare a very compelling set of materials that were key in getting multiple offers on our portfolio in only a few weeks after going to market. Their deep understanding of the nuances surrounding such transactions and their personal relationships with the various players also greatly helped with the negotiation, due diligence and closing process. They are seasoned professionals and we felt very comfortable with their advice and representation throughout.” “Throughout this process, Louis Carbonneau and his team at Tangible IP prepared extremely solid and detailed materials to support a high valuation and did a masterful job in negotiating a complex international transaction with the acquirer all the way to closing and showed flexibility and creativity to see this transaction through. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their level of service, advocacy and expertise.”

– Benoit Laflamme

VP R&D and Marketing, Gecko Alliance Group, Inc.

“We initially tried to sell our patent portfolio through another broker and it is only when Tangible IP was retained to help co-brokering these assets that we got a formal offer from a buyer. Selling patent is ultimately a numbers’ game and Mr. Carbonneau and his team have access to a very large group of buyers, which raises the odds that one of them will like any given portfolio. We also appreciate the way we were kept abreast at any step leading to closing and that Tangible IP managed our expectations throughout. I would definitely recommend them to those who want to monetize their IP.”

– Claes Persson


“Tangible IP presents an opportunity for monetization of patents by clients who may otherwise be incapable of achieving this result. Being in private practice in a growing U.S. patent boutique law firm with ten attorneys, I have represented five clients who have utilized the services of Tangible IP in successfully monetizing their patent portfolios. In each instance, I have found Louis Carbonneau and his team competent and effective, and I would recommend them to others and I will continue to recommend them to my clients.”

– Chad Tillman

Managing Partner, Tillman Wright PLLC

“We tried to sell [these] patents through another other brokerage firm without success before we were referred to Tangible IP and Mr. Carbonneau. We were really impressed with the time and efforts that Louis and his team of experts invested in order to understand our specific market, grasp the particulars of the patents on offer and produce a very high quality set of marketing and technical materials that made a compelling case for the patents and  were instrumental in getting not only one, but two solid offers on our portfolio. Louis’ experience with the closing process was also really comforting and we were able to complete the transaction in a matter of weeks without any hiccups once the financials had been agreed upon with the buyer. We definitely plan to retain the services of Tangible IP in the future to divest of other assets.”

– Scott Jezierski

CEO, Wireless Imaging

“I must commend Tangible IP for building a very compelling case around the patent portfolio through their technical and market analysis and for helping guide us through the negotiations and closing of a very complex transaction. People don’t fully appreciate how many things could go wrong in these deals and it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to see them through. Very few people have this level of expertise and we feel very fortunate that we had Louis and his team on our side throughout. This is a great outcome for the creditors of TeraHop and a great acquisition for the buyer who acquired a very high quality portfolio.”

– Kent Johnson

President, KLJ Consulting LLC

“We tried to sell these patents through other brokerage firms for over two years without success. We now realize that the reputation and network of a broker are absolutely paramount to the business of selling patents. Louis’ reputation in the industry is stellar and his relationship with the many buyers was key here to being able to find a buyer at a price we liked in such short time. With his business and legal expertise, he also guided us throughout the whole process so that there were no surprises along the way and we had a high level of confidence that the deal would sustain the buyer’s due diligence process and close as scheduled. We definitely plan to the services of Tangible IP in the future to divest of other assets.”

– Mr. Lawrence Lee

CEO, Baxtech

“We are extremely grateful for our collaboration with Tangible IP, as these types of transactions are complex. We dealt with a significant number of sophisticated buyers. Louis’ leadership and advice were crucial in determining the best option for our company. We filed these patents in the process of developing our technology and software. Our patents have been analyzed thoroughly by many potential buyers. We are thus confident that these are strong assets.”

– Mathieu Audet

Founder and CEO, Maya-Systems Inc.

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice to have retained Tangible IP to market and sell our patents. We quickly realized that the IP team assembled by Tangible IP was top notch and provided clarity of direction developing a very well-articulated technical demonstration of the portfolio’s reach and relevance to buyers. They were also masterful in their negotiating with a very sophisticated buyer while guiding us through the process so that we knew exactly what was going on, all the way up through closing, and even afterward. Through their efforts and dedication, they almost doubled the initial offer resulting in mutual success! The Tangible IP team was very competent, professional and responsive and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

– David Pezzutti


“When it came to selling our IP, we saw two important elements — first, understanding the market value of what we had and second, choosing the right broker that could help us unlock that value for the right client. We found Louis through the strong recommendation of a mutual friend and never regretted our decision to work with him — his strategic and tactical advice was sound, his contacts impeccable, his expertise and experience were top-tier. Above all, he was a great team player, working to create a deal that was good for us and for the eventual buyer. Louis and his firm earned our trust and showed he deserved it by meeting or exceeding what he had promised. All in all, working with him and his firm is a first-class experience.”

– Allan Davidson

Co-owner, Successes.com

Testimonials Related to Strategic Advisory

”As a new CEO recently hired to commercialize our new product and services, I needed to have a global picture and clear understanding of the strength of our IP portfolio.  We, therefore, asked Tangible IP to perform an independent analysis of our patent portfolio, competitive analysis and Freedom-To-Operate (FTO).  They were able to find a subject matter expert locally to work effectively with our CTO.  The process allowed us to map out areas for improvement going forward.  The competitive landscape analysis identified key potential competitors but mainly gave us a confirmation of our leadership position.  The services provided by Tangible IP were very professional, on time and on budget.  Their CEO was involved from beginning to end and he took the time to go through all the reports with us.  Having to develop and demonstrate our breakthrough technology in a new market with large international players eventually entering the market, it was crucial for us and our shareholders to gain confidence about our IP strategy and competitive advantage over time.  We intend to have the Tangible IP team stay involved going forward to help us with our overall IP strategy.”

– Claude Letourneau

CEO, Inventys

“On the recommendation of our patent counsel, we reached out to Tangible IP in order to proceed with a valuation of our patent portfolio prior to conducting negotiations with a large multinational. We just did not feel well equipped to answer the question: “How much is your IP worth” and wanted to have an objective base line to start from and support our discussions. Louis Carbonneau and his team did a fantastic job understanding the industry our patents relate too and uncovering some hard to find data that helped them build a solid valuation model that we could then modify at will if any of the built-in assumptions needed to be tweaked. Their report explained clearly the different valuation methods available and why one in particular was retained, while their valuation model was solid and easy to understand. They also took the time to walk us through their analysis and responded to our all questions so that we felt extremely well prepared to start our negotiations. Overall, we felt this was a tremendous tool to have and a great value considering how better prepared we were at the end. Whether this is for a similar case or for an M&A transaction, I would recommend Tangible IP without hesitation to conduct a fair and independent review and valuation of someone’s IP.”

– Thomas Melin

Co-Founder, Hensler Surgical Products

“We retained Tangible IP for an FTO project to validate that our software solution would not encroach upon the intellectual property rights of others once it was commercially deployed. This was also important to our investors, as they wanted to confirm that they were putting money into a viable company that would not be a likely target to competitors and patent owners alike the minute it became more visible. Tangible IP took the time to understand our technology platform and build a search taxonomy that we were given the chance to provide input on prior to proceeding with the actual search. Their ensuing report was comprehensive and easy to read and Louis spent several hours on the phone with us going through each result in details. We also appreciated the extra efforts to accommodate our tight timing during the holidays, as this project was a condition to closing our investment. The costs for such an exercise are quite modest in view of its value to the company, especially considering that we are dealing with patents. We would recommend startups and their investors to conduct a FTO with Tangible IP and we intend to have them stay involved going forward to help us with our overall IP strategy.”

– Gabriel Damant-Sirois

CEO Local Logic Inc.

“We contacted Tangible IP in order to receive strategic advice regarding how to optimize our growing patent portfolio so that it would best be positioned for monetization down the road. The Tangible IP team did a thorough analysis of our existing patents and found ways, by looking at the marketplace and mapping with existing or upcoming products and services, to craft much better claims that we think will make our subsequent patents much more valuable when they issue. They were extremely responsive throughout and worked seamlessly with our patent attorneys by providing them with strategic guidance during the prosecution process and ensuring that the claims that would come at the end would be meaningful to our business. I thought this was a great investment on our part and I could not be happier with their services. We intend to continue partnering with them along the remainder of the prosecution of our inventions.”

– Jeff Rapaport

Patent Owner & Inventor

“As with many innovators, the process of creation, not business development is what interests me most. In the course of nearly a decade, I have seen a significant change in the marketplace. Intellectual property no longer garners the same level of respect as companies speed to market with little consideration for overlapping design. I feel highly fortunate to have had Tangible IP as my partner through this arduous process, from initial engagement to a completed transaction. Louis was patient, diligent, and steadfast even when I was ready to walk away. He continued to search, dig, and provide an opportunity where I would certainly have failed.”

– Kai Staats


“Having to position a new process in an established market with many large players involved, it was crucial for us and our shareholders to gain confidence about Freedom-to-operate (FTO). Tangible IP rapidly understood our innovation and was able to reach a very valuable level of FTO assessment that confirmed our IP position. The evaluation was done with minimal involvement from our technical staff and rendered a result that helped us close our financing round.  A costs/benefits ratio that we would love to get out from all our projects!”

– Normand Gadoury

Executive VP, Polystyvert

“We recently asked Tangible IP to perform an independent analysis and valuation of our patent and we were very satisfied with the results and work product. It was obvious that they understood both the technology and market environment really well and were thorough in their analysis of all relevant factors. Their report was comprehensive; it explained the various valuation methods available and why they chose one in particular in this case. We also appreciated the fact that they offered to do a full debrief in person at the end to make sure we were comfortable with the results. Their pricing was very reasonable considering how technical these matters are and we are confident that we have an objective measure of our IP that we can use in our negotiations going forward.”

– Paul Jimenez

VP/Director, Mimax Inc. (Patent Valuation)

“The IP landscape study provided by Louis’ team provided third-party validation of several key working assumptions implicit to our IP strategy. It challenged other assumptions, enabling us to refine them accordingly, and it identified additional parties working in our space, suggesting potential partnership or licensing opportunities. Louis’ team proved to be thorough, patient, and responsive to iterative review and feedback of the study, tailoring it to our specific needs and interests. The exercise proved to be useful, informative, and far more cost effective than undertaking it internally. I plan to engage Louis’ team for similar work in the future.”

– Dr. James Rhodes

Trestle Energy LLC

“Our company had some intellectual property queries related to our technologies. Tangible IP quickly sized up the task and in a short period of time provided a clear, concise, and useable report which, when included with our other work in the area, provided valuable insights to us. Well done Louis and the Tangible IP Team.”

– Steve Elder

P.Eng, Chief Technical Officer, LED Roadway Lighting

“We worked with Tangible IP and Louis’s team on several projects in the past months, including on various Freedom to Operate (FTO) and patentability analyses. The process was smooth and the deliverables on time. Being a startup in the life science area, we also really appreciated the predictability of a fixed fee approach. The amount of information and insights we got out of these projects was invaluable and a fantastic value given how reasonably priced they were. Louis took the time to go through all reports with us and our patent firm in details to explain exactly how to read and deal with some of the results. He also made strategic suggestions to broaden the scope of some of our own patent filings. The whole process brought comfort and clarity to both our management team and our investors. Once businesses understand how paramount IP is to their growth and survival overtime, it becomes a no brainer to engage in these projects and Tangible IP was a great partner in our case. We look forward to working with Louis and his team on other strategic projects in the future.”

– Serge Auray

CEO, Laboratoire M2

“For technology-based companies, a robust IP strategy and portfolio is the lifeblood to creating significant value for shareholders and a path to long-term success. Last year, we asked Tangible IP to do a thorough review of our IP strategy and to map out areas for improvement going forward. Their review uncovered several items that needed to be remedied, whether they pertained to patents, trademarks, contracts, etc. Fortunately for us, all could be fixed. This is crucial for any startup company that is generally resource-limited and cash constrained. Their report was very detailed and provided us with a clear roadmap as to what needs to be done to stay ahead of the game and of our competitors. I strongly recommend them to any company that wants to take control of it IP in a strategic way to build and sustain its competitive advantage.”

– Donald R. Marvin

President & CEO, Inocucor

“We have had the opportunity to work with Louis and Tangible IP for the past two years on all kind of matters and his advice and guidance have been invaluable in helping us make the right investment decisions. Furthermore, once an investment has been made, Louis steps in to help our portfolio companies minimize their risks and to define and execute on a sound intellectual property strategy that will enable them to maintain their competitive advantage over time. The cornerstone of our clean technology investment strategy is intellectual property. This is why we are very proud to have succeeded in retaining Tangible IP’s services. I view this partnership as the key to our future success in the field.“

– Andrée-Lise Méthot

Founder and Managing Partner of Cycle Capital

“Working with the Tangible IP team, we were able to develop a comprehensive IP Strategy in line with the focus of growing our business. The IP ROADMAP and IP FREEDOM reports produced by the Tangible IP team are now key references for both our management and board when it comes to planning investments and direct R&D developments. All in all, the investment asked of us has repaid itself many times by focusing our IP efforts and enabling informed decisions.”

– Simon Leblond

CEO and Co-Founder, SCL Elements, Inc.

“As venture capitalists making investments on several startups, we owe it to ourselves and to our limited partners to have as much clarity as possible into the companies we ultimately decide to fund. Having worked with Louis and Tangible IP on several projects, we appreciate how crucial IP is in most companies and how a startup’s success or failure is tied directly to how it handles its own IP and that of others. More importantly, Louis and Tangible IP really help us understand the big picture as well as a company’s upside and risk factors, and how to help our portfolio companies build the right IP foundation to insure a sustainable competitive advantage and increased valuation over time.  We have used Tangible IP to conduct Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, to advise on ongoing IP related disputes and to perform thorough IP assessments and strategies for our portfolio companies. The information we receive in each case and Louis’ ongoing guidance enables us to better see the forest behind the trees and to make more informed investment decisions. Also, Louis is easy to work with and his services are priced extremely competitively, making the decision to work with Tangible IP very straightforward. We highly recommend Louis and his team to other investors and owners who want to have a more complete vision of their businesses.”

–Travis Putnam

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Navitas Capital

“We recently asked Louis to join our IP Steering Committee and requested his assistance in assessing our IP assets and dependencies in order to formulate an overall IP strategy for our company. The whole exercise was a real eye opener for us and a huge value to better understand both risks and opportunities in our space. The costs were also surprisingly modest considering we are dealing with fairly sophisticated matters like patents, trademarks and trade secrets. Louis’ assessment and recommendations were numerous and right on target. They helped us establish a clear roadmap for the future that we believe will be instrumental in terms of maintaining a sustained competitive advantage. They also reassured our board that we are being strategic about our IP and in protecting their investment. In addition to his unique experience in Canada, the US and internationally, Louis has this rare combination of pragmatic legal, business and technical expertise that really stands out and makes him a highly valued adviser to us. We continue to work with Louis on several projects and strongly recommend him any technology-based company that is serious about intellectual property, as they should all be.”

– Samuel Beaudoin

Co-Founder, CVT Corporation

“We highly recommend Louis not only for his skills as a great legal advisor, but also for his extensive IP licensing expertise. His broad and global perspective is definitely a significant asset for us, mostly during intense and complex negotiations with our clients. Louis is a very talented coach, and working with him is always an enjoyable experience. His ability to understand our technology, as well as our business strategy and company goals, demonstrates his profound listening skills and adaptability. We strongly believe that this is the beginning of a long and successful business relationship.”

– Marie-Claude Hamelin

Sales Director, Technologies SENSIO Inc.

“With their expertise, Louis and Richard helped us to build a price book that answers industry requirements. With this new tool, the company looks more professional than ever before.”

– Eric Choquette

CFO, Sensio Technologies, Inc.